Monday, 18 September 2017

India and Its Ethnic Craft

Ethnic art can add a uniqueness to your home and your own personality. You evening dress, accessorized by a dokra neckpiece, gains an unmatched elegance, and you tastefulness gets appreciated.
There are many shops and handicrafts centres in Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai where you can buy such ethnic art. But let alone the fact that these places sell handicraft items at quite a high price, you really don't get to experience the authentic feel of coming closer to the rural artists who give shape to these fantastic artworks and learn the secrets of their craft.
The cultural heritage of India is so rich, that to experience Indian art all its diversity, one actually needs to travel through all the nooks and crannies of the country. But that's surely a near impossible task, given the vastness of India! Instead you can take short trips to certain places in India to get a taste of the variety of regional handicrafts. Read my article at Tripoto to know how to experience the magic of Indian ethnic art at these exotic locations.

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